Books will save us all! (If we’d only read them more…)

How Immer is solving the problems that keep people from reading more, building the world’s best reading app in the process.

What if we’d stare at screens less and read more books? Or what if we did both at the same time? (Illustration by Tim Hengeveld, for Immer.)

Long-form text can be overwhelming

Our Portion Reader makes text more digestible, one chunk at a time.

Other media just look better

Books can feel like mountains

The Session Tuner shows a book’s structure, and how much you can read in the time you have available.

Books require a long attention span, and you’re distracted quickly

With a Daily Goal, among other features, the Immer app helps you read every day.

The screen itself makes text fleeting

Books channel the jam jar paradox

The Book Stack lets you calmly choose a book: swipe right if you like it, swipe left if you don’t.

Finally: Reading is a personal experience that you can’t easily share

Immer is launching internationally later this year

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